We offer our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and companies for donating their time, products, and their financial support. Without exception these donations were unsolicited.










Kent White, aka "The Tin Man" is well known in the world of classic automobile and vintage aircraft restoration. His restoration on the famous 166MM Ferrari (0010M) Barchetta took "Best Ferrari in Show" at Pebble Beach (1984), as well as first in class at the Hillsborough Concours, and The International Ferrari Concours. Kent's meticulous work can also be seen on the Hughes Air Racer. His metal fabrication workshops draw students from all over the world. Kent took time from his busy schedule to give a wonderful series of five two-hour classes to Team Sprite on body restoration and prep.




Credit for the storybook ending to this fairy tale must be given to Rob Myers, Rebecca Johnson & Dana Brezzi from RM Auctions. Rob saw the newly painted bugeye shell in Reno Nevada, while visiting a car collection. We used the collection’s paint booth, and the car was curing in their warehouse. Our friend, and previous owner of the Sprite, Scott Bergan, told him the Team Sprite story, and Rob suggested putting the car in his Phoenix Arizona sale. He offered to take the Sprite for no entry fee, and would charge no commission on the hammer price. RM was dropping off a car at the same location on Saturday January 13th, and we were just able to squeeze the sprite into the vacated twenty-one foot slot. The energy Ean & Peter gave the car, as the opening lot, was incredible, extending to a full five minutes, and coaxing a world record $23,100 price from the crowd. You can watch the sale by clicking on the "Auction Video" button to the left. Every step of the way, RM treated the girls like they were consigning a million dollar car, we were delighted with the buyers, and the whole experience was terrific. Thanks RM

Thank you to PPG Industries & Mark Juell for your encouragement, and the very generous donation of the single stage acrylic urethane system "Cherry Red" paint and primer. Mark was one of the first to offer help. We have had so many e-mails from Sprite owners wanting the PPG code for this color, so here it is: CLV 71452 ALT SC BMC Cherry.


Our gratitude goes out to Art Holman & Sherm's Custom Plating for their most generous donation of straightening and plating the front bumper, overrides, shift lever, hood latch, and windscreen surround. Brian brought the pieces in for an estimate, but after being told about the project Art offered the work free of charge. Sherm's is a state-of-the art company, check out their site by clicking on the logo.









Moss Motors was a more than generous supporter of Team Sprite. Our thanks to Kelvin Dodd and Robert Goldman for their thoughtful encouragement. Check out the Moss Motors site, linked here, for just about everything for your Sprite.





Thanks to Peter Caldwell, owner of World Wide Auto Parts in Madison Wisconsin, for the very generous donation of four remanufactured lever shocks, and a crank pulley for our Sprite. Click on the logo to your left and visit Peter's store.


Colin Dodds from Sprite Parts in Sidney Australia donated two badly needed and highly elusive seat rails, various braces and brackets, and an oil sump screen. Check out Colin's site for excellent tech tips, a great page on rebuilding an engine, and hard to find items. Just click on the logo.





Although this page is to thank our sponsors & donors, we wanted to introduce our friends to a site where $20. can change a life. We were very fortunate to play music for them one unforgettable rainy March afternoon.





Dave from 'GotsToGo, LBC' sent us a original early Sprite horn, something we have been chasing for over eight months. This is a very cool and eclectic site, with collected articles and LBC links. (I clicked on 'tire size' and got 133 results) Even showing what's on eBay right now. Check it out.


The Education for Life Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to a system of learning with the same goal as life itself. To grow progressively more balanced on every level including heart and mind, body and spirit, and maturing into effective, happy, and harmonious human beings.



Now out of print, sales of "The Fiddlesticks" CD helped us buy parts. Leiya, Anna, Bailey, Lauren and Brian (all Team Sprite members) made up The Fiddlesticks, a bluegrass/country/pop/American traditional string band. Our first CD "Just For Fun" delighted audiences all over the world (really!) and went through five printings. All profits from the first four printings went to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief.





While in India this March we had the opportunity to visit several orphanages and small schools working to improve the life and education of India's many disadvantaged children.The visit to Mother Miracles school in Rishikesh ,situated alongside the Ganges River at the foothills of the Himalayas, was certainly among the most inspiring of those experiences. Founded and run by Shahla Ettefagh and Patrick Riley, Mother Miracle provides shelter, healthcare, clothing and food, as well as primary and vocational education to some of the poorest children in Rishikesh. Boys and girls between the ages of two and fourteen are lovingly guided along the path to self-reliance by this dedicated and tireless couple. Check out their web site.