Nick, and newest Team Sprite member Gaurja, torque down the flywheel before bolting on the clutch and pressure-plate.

November 6th, the engine is in! Thanks to Nick Conklin, his expertise, his son, and his hoist. It took most of the day Sunday, with Lauren, Leiya, and Goraja helping.

Nov. 8th stood on his own four feet tonight.

Body work classes by Kent White (a.k.a. The Tin Man) covered: removing dents, filling holes, repairing rust damage.

We built a Sprite "rotisserie' to flip the car over. In the past, careless placement of under-car jacks caved in the floor pans and drains.

Surprisingly, there was very little rust in the floor pans. They did need to be re-formed, and the drains needed to be opened and re-shaped. After all the repairs were completed on the under carriage, we stripped of all the old paint and under- coating and applied a coat of acid-etch primer.

Above) Our friend and honorary "Team Sprite" member Ria, from Gurgaon India, while visiting our community, helped Anna tape off the rear of the newly painted car, and then volunteered for the messy job of undercoating the Sprite. Thanks Ria.