April 26. Finally, the all body work is done and the car is in the first coat of primer. Now comes the sanding (with #320), then another coat and a final sand with 500.





A little "fluffing up" for our July 4th parade


The following photographs were taken Sunday, November 13 for the January 19 auction catalogue. We put the rest of the car together for the pictures, but they pretty much show how the car will look when finished. It needs to have it's first rub-out and polish, and the gaps will be a little better, but they are not too bad as it sits!



May 14th, back to Nevada City sporting a beautiful 1958 BMC "Cherry Red" paint job. Now the real fun begins!



One unused small boat trailer, some crepe paper, a few (clean) grease rags for waving, and presto...we're a 4th of July float.

Our 1958 948 is almost finished

Below: gold coil was replaced with proper black one