Congratulations to you and your team. You have every reason to be very proud. You and your team took on a huge project, and it must be satisfying to have reached a successful conclusion. So many of these projects get put aside or never finished, even with the best intentions. You not only finished, but finished in real style. The girls will have an amazing story to tell for the rest of their lives.

Brian, we here we are glued to various sites trying to get news of the auction. We were all happy and rooting for the outcome. If you have any news on when the TV spots will be shown, please let us know!

Congratulation's to you and the team. You've all done a wonderful thing.

Congratulations to the entire team, Brian. This has been one of the most positive experiences I've witnessed in all my years messing about with LBCs. Best of luck on your next project.

What a wonderful read, what a wonderful ending to a beautiful story.

What can I add but ditto to all of the above!! Accentuate the positive!!

You and your team have done a beautiful job on your sprite!  Congratulations.

Pics are super duper, and yep you all cleaned up well. What an awsum experience.

That was an amazing story. it turned out great. I ’ve been following your work for awhile.  It’s a fitting ending.  Nice work

Congratulations for a great accomplishment, not only for the end project but for the once in a life time experience to be as constructive and self satisfying.

I have shared this story with my students several times this year, since finding your project. Please let the girls know that they are the inspiration for several 13 year girls to do whatever they are interested in and not letting the facts that they are "girls" get in the way! I have enjoyed watching the "boys" find out that girls can and do participate in traditional "Guy" activities and the discussions of what a person can do (some of the guys still won't believe some guys like to sew and cook and some girls like to work on cars and hunt...)Your Team Sprite has been the inspirataion for several lively and interesting conversations in my classroom. Thanks you! and congratulations....Your project is my dream!

I can't remember ever learning of such an inspiring story, my proverbial hat is off to all involved.. A teacher who started with the basics and went the full length to body and paint, leading, etc Girls who have the ambition to take on a project car that others have given up on, while still in high school, as a beginners induction to the car repair and restoration genre Giants in the industry that helped get the word out (Corky Coker, RM auctions, Classic Cars Magazine) This is marvelous stuff, and I hope word gets out to; Jay Leno, who writes a column for Popular Mechanics, Readers Digest, and Car Craft... they all seem to be as keen on things like this as I am. To quote dear 'ol dad Gray Baskerville (legendary Hot Rod figure) "Reet!"

Thanks again for sharing your story with the group.

Everyone who I have told your story to loves it. Great work by all. I am proud of the team and envious of your accomplishments.

The pictures were VERY nice and I agree with Jack, you "cleaned up well"!! You all look very happy!

Congratulations Team Sprite. Now with that car sold what is next?

Absolutely magnificent! You've outdone yourselves on this project and I
must say I am proud of you all. It is an honor to have watched this taking
place over the internet.

The following activity was taken off a British Car web site from 3:19AM to 3:38PM on the 19th:

3:19AM I'm gonna be pacin' the cage all day! Brian and the kids have gotta be anxious (don't take me to task: anyone under 30 is a "kid" in my book!). Any way for us to get news besides waiting/watching here? Hope Brian doesn't forget us...4:54AM It's 'Top o' the Bill!...5:46AM Great! Wonder if Leno is aware of this?!...6:28AM Noon central time is the witching hour. Can't wait to see how they do...7:39AM I' ll keep my fingers crossed for them...Man, that's a nice looking car....8:02AM Show them the money!!! Fingers crossed here as well...8:38AM The sale should be at 2pm Eastern if I'm right? Can't wait to see how they do!...11:44 AM Sooooooooooooooooooo? What happened????...11:47AM Nuttin' yet,.. still a few minutes to go. And we may not see results until the whole thing is over.....I think I'm developing that "Restless Leg Syndrome" thingie now... pro'lly just impatience, tho....11:55AM How come this is not on TV? Durn, we need to know....12:10 Just got off the phone with them. They will call me as soon as the paper is finalized. Coupla minutes... hang on....12:22 Leg shaken here as well....12:22 Someone else on the spridgetsautox list discovered it was 21,000. Unconfirmed bt RM as yet....12:25 This is killing me!...12:28 Me too....12:40 Confirmed at $21,000 Someone got a honest great car with a story for a pretty good honest price. Everyone should be happy. Congrats Brian and the Team....12:48 It's been a treat to follow this car. Good price. So how much is the knowledge the girls learnt worth? Best wishes Brian and Team!...12:51 Here Here, I agree!...1:06 Great!! That is a fair reward for an excellent effort!! Congratulations brian and all the girls! Hope it provides for all the girls needs AND some seed money for brian's next project! Any video and a first-hand report of the proceedings would be thoroughly enjoyed by all, brian! Guys, I think I went through some similar anticipation waiting for my kids to be born, haha!!...1:07 Man, nice price. Ahhh Hmmmm, that's what they should go for. Yeeee Haaaa. Way to go for collage money....1:13 Ha, Ha, I made SWMBO wait for pick-up from work waiting to see what happened!! She don't unnertand!...1:38 Congratulations to Brian and his team. I hope his employer realizes how much he contributed to these girls education. This was one of lifes great lesson....1:48 Not only a great lesson but something to talk about for the rest of their lives. Heck, even the grandkids will be intrested. ..1:51 Big congratulations to Brian and the girls for their work and successful sale. A great story with a happy ending....3:38 Great news! a certain win-win. Congrats to Team Sprite!I checked th' BCF from a client's pitch but couldn't post...They thought I'd burned meself or something: "YEOW!" Well done Brian & company!!! Stunning.

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