Nice company for a long drive. a 67 Shelby 427 Cobra est:$950-$1,250,000 and a 36 Mercedes 540K est: $1.2-1.5m
Wrapped up and tucked in for the long, cold, ride.
Going up, second floor: Very fast Roadsters and Fancy Supercharged European Cabriolets


Jan.13th, the Team Sprite car is finished and ready to go. The pick-up point, in Reno Nevada, had a fenced 3 acre lot, and that was the first time we were abe to drive the car. On Saturday the 13th, after putting on just 1 1/2 miles, the Sprite was loaded onto RM's truck. Gaurja, Leiya, Lisa (my saintly wife) and I flew out Wednesday the 17th. Bailey arrived from Humbolt on the 18th. The car was the first lot in the automobile part of the sale, on Friday the 19th of January, lot 201.





Stuck between a 1939 Packard V12 with a Lalique crystal hood ornament, and a 1937 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood Limo
........unimpressed, the Sprite can only yawn
Gaurja and Leiya start fluffing him up.
...say ahhhhhhh..
Everybody cleans up well for the preview, even the old guy.
Someone wants to trade a Duesenberg, we, of course, are gracious but firm in declining.
Ladies and gentelmen, perhaps the finest automobile ever created by man..........
is offered here today for your consideration.....
....sold at $21,000.....
Total: $23,100. A record price for a Bugeye Sprite at auction.