One of the most gratifying aspects of this project has been the incredible generosity of people from all over the world, in donating hard to find original parts for our sprite. We have a saying at our school: "many hands make a miracle." this page is for acknowledging our miracle workers.






First and foremost, special thanks to Scott Bergen for parting with his beloved Sprite, and for his kindness in making this project affordable. His patience and technical know-how never flag in the face of Brian's "what the heck is this thing?" When you buy a car in boxes, there are bound to be surprises. After searching all the parts books and shop manuals, Brian brought one confusing piece to Reno for Scott's opinion. "Oh, that's off a small-block Chevy, no idea how that got in there."


  Scott just donated a new convertible top and tar-top battery as well!





Buster and Pam Evans, California, were the very first to offer parts after reading our "wanted" post on a Sprite owners web-site. Buster refused any remuneration or exchange and sent, pre-paid, two original 1 1/8" SU's with linkage, intake manifold, heat shield, and even rebuild kits. He also donated a complete set of hand made panel patterns, two original seat backs (freshly painted), and loads of sage advice and encouragement






Robert Webb from Oregon sent down two Sprite rims and tires (one to replace a damaged rim, one for a spare tire), a wiper motor (hard to find and expensive) and an indispensable 'Service Parts List' manual for the early Bugeye. He also added two new sets of u-joints and two sets of outer front wheel bearings. And...Bob just donated a brand-new set of lucite window panels for our frames, and the missing 'bell' for our washer pump. It seems something needed comes every week from Bob.



At the Nashville British Car Club's annual car show, Mark Endicott won a $500 gift certificate from Coker Tire.   The following day he sent us an e-mail introducing himself and saying: "I have been watching your progress on your web site and saw that you need a set of tires for your Sprite.   I would be most happy to donate the $500 certificate to your "gang" if you still need tires." He called Coker, and working with Casey Coker (an enthusiastic fellow bugeye owner!) worked out all the arrangements. We now have five bias ply white walls (our choice) on the way. These are the lessons that count, long after we (mercifully) forget bleeding the bugeye clutch, we will remember you're graciousness and generosity. It's why we call you Miracle Workers.  Click on the picture of Mark and his first Sprite and admire what he's driving now!





Nick Conklin's contribution to the Team Sprite project could not be overstated. We swapped our just finished 1960 948 for his meticulously rebuilt 1958 motor. He spend several long days in our garage as the project drew to a close, and, in truth, the car would not have met the deadline if not for his tireless help and infinite patience. He donated numerous hard to find original parts, hunted through piles of bits looking for proper date codes, and was always ready, if not eager, to open his shop to us. It seemed that no matter what was broken or missing, Nick's ready reply was "No problem, I've got one." More on this to be added...


One of the trepidations I (Brian) had about this project early on, was the way the nice little touches can add up. Our Sprite was a California car, and we thought it would be fun to have a set of proper yellow (1956-1962) California license plates. I joined a Yahoo Plate Collectors internet group, and, telling a little bit about the project, asked where we might find a "mint" set of the proper year plates, as well as what we should expect to pay. Within the hour we received an e-mail from California collector John Witt, offering a pair of professionally restored plates, including a perfect 1959 a donation to the project! Thank you John.




Thank you Chris Gage for the Eversure M661 Mirror

Thank you Larry Miller for the Washer pump and knob

Thank you Ray Evans for the Original bugeye jack & lug wrench

Thanks Frank Clarici for the “Old fashioned” spigot knob for a heater valve

Thank you Mike Efthyvoulou for the wonderful hand made bugeye key fob.

Thank you Paul Asgeirsson for the last minute save with a H1 part & the rebuilt generator

Thank you Chris Shea for a slew of vacuum line fittings by FedEx Overnight!

Thanks Jeff Dunn for the "unbuyable" ignition switch clip

Thank you Carl Beedle for the starter motor

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement