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Our thanks to Bill Rogers from isettadocs for boring, sleeving, and rebuilding our rusted-solid wheel and master cylinders, a very generous donation. He also gave us a real break on rebuilding our gearbox, something we decided to 'send out.' Bill has been an Isetta fan since he was four, when his father brought home a new 1957 Isetta 300. Bill still has that car! On Bill's remarkable website you can access a whole series of free

The Coker Tire Company has been in business since 1958, and is the world's largest and most prominent supplier of antique and classic tires for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. Using both original and custom made molds, Coker tires can be found on a large proportion of “Best In Show” cars.We contacted Casey Coker to inquire about tires for our Isetta; within a few hours we received an e-mail saying, “I would love to help you guys out by donating some tires and tubes.” Casey sent us five new bias ply 480-10 white walls and tubes. As the proud owner of a bright red Bugeye Sprite (see it here), Casey's no stranger to the joy of little cars. You can check out Coker Tires by clicking on their logo to the left. Thank you Casey and Coker; you guys (and gals) are the greatest.

downloads, offering information on tools you can build or purchase for your restoration project, as well as exploded parts views, electrical diagrams for the 300, and technical articles on the Dynastart, Bosch regulator repair, and brake cylinder rebuilding. All in all, a terrific service to the Isetta fan. Click on his impeccably restored 600 on the left and visit his web site. Thanks Bill!


There were number of elements of this restoration that we were unable or unqualified to complete on our own. On our bugeye project we had donations of chrome work, paint, and a very generous arrangement with Moss Motors for purchasing parts at a discount. Without the help of these companies (see Team Sprite example), we could not have done the quality of restoration we set our sights on. Like the Team Sprite project, we are carrying out this project with no school funding whatsoever. However, our school is a California non-profit and can supply proper receipts for any donations upon request. We will always acknowledge donors in any media we have control over. The Sprite web site has, to date, had over eighteen thousand viewing's, there have been several magazine articles on the project, and a full page and one-half newspaper feature. The kids appeared on ESPN Speed Channel, and a LA news radio interview. To read some of the e-mails that we received click here.

Team Isetta has already been featured twice in Microcar News, Roundel (the official magazine of the BMW Car Club of America), and quite a few car enthusiast sites and blogs. The page you are viewing has been found by close to eight thousand people, and is dedicated to the businesses that donated items or services to Team Isetta, all were unsolicited, and they make the endeavor possible. Check out their web sites, and tell them you saw it here, anything listed on this page was 100 % donation.


Thanks to Rod Pearman for restoring two battered 1956 California license plates at no charge for Team Isetta. The plates, together with a proper 1957 year tag (eBay) are now officially registered to our Isetta. These plates have a nice history; they were once on one of Brian's home built hotrods, circa 1962. A 1927 T roadster pick-up, with a 57 Corvette (six carbs) that ran on alternate days and terrified what few friends he had. Rod is quite an artist, click on the plate and view his website.
We purchased most of our needed engine parts (piston, rings, valves, guides, bearings etc.) and clutch parts from Dan Neiner at Cycle Works in Shawnee Kansas. Dan bills his business as " The original source for tools and parts for your antique, vintage, and classic BMW motorcycle or Isetta car," and has been serving the collector/enthusiast community since 1975. When Dan saw our website, he offered to "button the motor up" for us at no charge. The school year was over and the car would lay idle for the summer, so we crated and shipped the disassembled engine to Dan. It arrived back in time for the Fall term with Sita and Mark. Thanks Dan. Check out his site: and tell him you saw it here.



Buy a great CD and support "Team Isetta " at the same time. Leiya, Anna, Bailey, Lauren and Brian (all Team Sprite members) make up The Fiddlesticks, a bluegrass/country/pop/American traditional string band. Their first CD "Just For Fun" has delighted audiences all over the world (really!) and is in its fifth printing. 100% of the sale goes into the parts fund, and you get a great music CD to boot. Just $15. including shipping. Checks or Pay Pal welcome. Just click on the "Contact Us" button to order.










Sometimes the littlest things are the hardest to find. We'd been searching for an original heater knob ever since we brought the car home in May of last year. One appeared on eBay for a price that would suggest it came off the original Space Shuttle, and we had resigned ourselves to the prospect of making one. Then Rob Walker saw our wish list and donated an original. Thanks Rob! Rob has one of the most unusual 57 Isettas we've seen. Check out his car and the exceptional restoration job by clicking on the photo to the right.


Thanks to Dick's Automotive in North San Juan for turning our brake drums at no charge, and treating them like they were off a Ferrari. Dick has been running his small one-man shop for as long as anyone around here can remember. He does everything himself, and is a wealth of information on everything mechanical. He is always glad to share his knowledge, advice, or offer a helping hand.








Here's another great guy! If you don't recognize the model of David Brower's Isetta, that's because your looking at the only one. A custom convertible Isetta 700. David sent us a beautiful inside mirror for our car, along with a very encouraging note. Thank you very much David. If you'd like to go for a ride in a 700cc, 70 mph Isetta just click on the photo of David and his lovely wife.



We read about Richard Lewis' throttle cable 'upgrade kit' in Microcar News Magazine, and were delighted when he e-mailed us offering to donate one to our project. It'll be a bit before we'll be able to test it out, but the list of Isetta owners who swear by his kit is long and impressive. Look for them on eBay here. Richard has lovingly built one of the coolest bubble window 300's as a rally car. He has a web site with 1100 photos of the process that is really worth seeing, and the finished product is very slick. Just click on the "Rally Isetta" to the right and enjoy.

Thanks to our friend Rebecca Johnson of RM for a 2009 sale catalogue subscription. In May of 2006 Rob Myers saw our newly painted bugeye shell in Reno Nevada while visiting a local car collection. We used the collection’s paint booth, and the car was waiting in their warehouse. Rob loved the story, and suggested putting the Sprite in his Jan. 2007 Phoenix Arizona sale, offering to take our car for no entry fee and no commission charges on the hammer price. Our Bugeye was the opening lot, and the energy Ean & Peter gave the car was incredible, extending to a full five minutes, and coaxing a world record $23,100 price from the crowd. You can watch the sale by clicking here. Every step of the way, RM treated the girls like they were consigning a million dollar car, for them it was the experience of a lifetime. The RM catalogues are inspirational. Click on the image to the right for a taste.







Thank you to Larry Eckmann for donating the time and energy to turn our Dynastart armature. If you have an unusual job, or one where other machine shops balk, give C & L a shout at 530-274-1811. An Official Team Isetta T-Shirt was awarded.









































I can't say enough good things about John! We sent John Wetzel a sample of blue piping and requested a quote on the cream seat fabric he offers for Isetta cars. John has his material heat stamped, duplicating the ‘basket weave’ pattern, and ending up with a near ringer for the original. John sent all the fabric and piping at no charge, even offering a finished set of covers as a donation to the Team Isetta car. Because we would be shaping new shredded coconut pads (that's what they came with!), we went with making our own; he also donated a NOS throttle pedal to replace our ‘modified’ one, an ash tray, a perfect horn cover plate, oil cap, dual wiper linkage and right hand wiper set, shock rebuilding kits (including the impossible to find lower bushings), rebuildable original three star mirror, all the bits to rebuild our fuel filter, and the gearbox driveshaft we needed to true our two coupling flanges, and numerous other hard to find parts. At the end of every e-mail John asks "need anything else?" Check his site out (click on the photo), he has been offering new, used, & reproduction parts for the German built BMW Isetta 300 at reasonable prices since 1992. This is a great guy, thank you John!
Kent White, aka "The Tin Man" is well known in the world of classic automobile and vintage aircraft restoration. His restoration on the famous 166MM Ferrari (0010M) Barchetta took "Best Ferrari in Show" at Pebble Beach (1984), as well as first in class at the Hillsborough Concours, and The International Ferrari Concours. Kent's meticulous work can also be seen on the Hughes Air Racer. His metal fabrication workshops draw students from all over the world. Kent is taking time from his busy schedule to give classes to Team Isetta on body restoration, prep, and lead work. Check out his site by clicking on the photo.