To the left, the wrecked 1993 EZGO electric golfcart, to the right, the almost finished, 2016 Sparky Speedster
Over the year "I Can Fix That" classes touched on fingerprints, electrical wiring, guitar construction, mechanical and electrical clocks, how computers are constructed, electrical and mechanical switches, toaster repair and lots of goofy but fun things. All the welding (oxy /acetylene and mig), cutting (plasma and wheel), and metal forming work was done on the Nateabel Speedster.

4/27/16 Toasters 101 How they work & what fails

4/20/16  Switches, how they work and how they fail
4/20/16 Vintage mechanical car clock with electric wind
The Great iMac Autopsy
Scrapbook Photos Page 2 Spring 2016