Rewiring a table lamp
Learning how to "lift" and identify fingerprints
Wheel Cutting
Building the side panels for the electric buggy on a 2000lb. Pullmax with Kent White
Copper Christmas Bell
Plasma Cutting
Mig Welding

Explore alternate & sophisticated uses for surgical gloves
Learn how to take and identify finger prints
Cut and shape rock slabs
Rewire and repair table lamps
Diagnose and replace faulty vacuum cleaner switch
Install new light switches and AC outlets in old house
Make a bolt from scratch, how to remove damaged bolt Design fabricate copper bell Christmas tree ornament
Diagnose and repair toaster
Learn how to Mig weld
Learn how to use plasma cutter
Learn how to i.d. and replace automobile fuses
Learn to identify and diagnose various types of switches
Fabricate buggy side covers on (2000lb) Pullmmax Cutter
Use cut /grinding tools
Fabricate alloy trailer for propulsion study
Learn how guitars are made