Jenny Morgan has painstakingly reproduced the original Factory BMW shop manual in the proper 8 1/2 X 11 format. The laser printing gives sharp clean illustrations, text (English), and photos. It comes in a quality three ring binder, making it easy to slide the pages into plastic sheets. Otherwise, it's so nice, you'll want to 'scrub up' each time before opening it. Jenny only charged us the printing costs. This was clearly a labor of love. To contact Jenny click on the manual.
Donations can be sent to:
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Living Wisdom School
14618 Tyler Foote Rd. Nevada City, Ca. 95959

One of the most gratifying aspects of the Team Sprite project was the incredible generosity people from all over the world showered on our class of seven high school students, donating hard-to-find original parts for our class car. Please take a moment to view the page acknowledging that phenomenon. We have a saying at our school: "many hands make a miracle;" this page is for acknowledging our miracle workers for the Team Isetta Vintage Automobile Restoration Honors Class.







Thanks to David "tall enough" Raab for making Team Isetta a superb wire harness, by far the best we've seen. Dave uses the correct wire, with the right color code, each cut to the right length, and the finished ends are either tinned or fitted with the proper connectors. Dave did all this for the cost of materials only. Thanks so much! To contact Dave just click on the logo.

Our thanks to Art Holman and Sherm's Custom Plating of Sacramento California, for their generous offer to do all our chrome plating at cost. Sherm's is known throughout the country as being at the top of their field. Check out Sherm's by clicking on their logo at the left.

Werner Schwark from Isettas R Us extended a courtesy discount to Team Isetta. He also donated the gray fabric for our top and sunroof. Werner has a full selection of new Isetta parts. He also has many parts fabricated both in Germany and the US. You can contact Werner by clicking on the photo to the left. Those are three of his personal cars currently on display at the BMW plant in Spartenburg S.C.
Thanks to George Blau from San Jose, Costa Rica for his generous discount on a new windshield for our car. George is a long time Isetta and microcar enthusiast, and a regular contributor to Microcar News.