More from Jessie at Just A Car Guy, covering our display only entry at The Hillsborough 2011Concours d'Elegance. Click anywhere on the page to be taken to his site.

We were really just 'sticking our toe in' to give the team the feeling of a real show, and felt very honored to be allowed to participate in the Hillsbouough Concours, the oldest continuing concour in the world. We'll be there next year with a finished car. After four years of work, we started the car, for the first time, the evening before, drove into the trailer and tied it down. It was on the lawn at Hillsborough at seven the next morning. We were selected to participate in the Parade d'Elegance.

Here is the first piece that appeared in Just a Car Guy, December of 2008.

The following update on Team Isetta is reprinted with permission from MICROCAR NEWS issue #5 2008. MICROCAR NEWS is the bi-monthly publication for the Vintage MicroCar Club. "The Vintage Microcar Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of Vintage Microcars, both foreign and domestic.The primary focus of the club is on the post-WWII "Bubblecars." This is an Enthusiast's Club, not an Owner's Club, and it is not necessary to own such a car to join." The magazine is generally 30+ pages, all color , and "features current Microcar News, results of eBay auction listings for MICROCARS, details on Member-oriented events, technical information, reprints of period literature and road tests, restoration and maintenance tips, Microcar trivia, photos of members' cars, sources for parts and service, and a classified ad section which reaches the largest single group of small car enthusiasts in the world!" For more information on the magazine and the Vintage MicroCar Club, just click anywhere on the page below.


Roundel is the official magazine of the BMW Car Club of America, Inc.

The following excerpt is from Jenny Morgan's September 2007 column "Die Werkstatt". To join BMW CCA, or to subscribe to Roundel send an e-mail to: or click on the magazine cover below

The Wheel is the San Francisco Region of the Sports Club of America monthly publication. It is a well written comprehensive collection of informative articles and calendar of events for Northern California's eclectic automobile community. Below is a article from the Oct edition on the Hillsborough Concours. We were tipped off that we had appeared (without credits) in the Oct. edition and there we were. Show Chairman Rob Fisher pushing the team car the last ten feet to the lectern where he would present The Chairman's Award. Upon receiving the award the car started right up. Click on the article below to be taken to the SFR SCCA website.

The Team Isetta car was featured at the Oct. 7, 2012 Niello Concours at Serrano. Below is a reprint from the catalogue.

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Someone just sent us the link to this web site containing a nice little bit on our car and photos from the 2011 Hillsborough Concours. Three of the photos used in the Just A Car Guy article above apparently came from this site.