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SPARKY 2014-2016
Kent White, aka "The Tin Man" is well known in the world of classic automobile and vintage aircraft restoration. His restoration on the famous 166MM Ferrari (0010M) Barchetta took "Best Ferrari in Show" at Pebble Beach (1984), as well as first in class at the Hillsborough Concours, and The International Ferrari Concours. Kent's meticulous work can also be seen on the Hughes Air Racer. His metal fabrication workshops draw students from all over the world. Kent took time from his busy schedule to give classes to both Team Sprite and Team Isetta on body restoration, prep, and lead work. He is now a major contributor on the Sparky project. Check out his site by clicking on the photo above.
The custom-built spare gas tank was always a big hit at the shows. The Isetta gas tank is only 3 US gal.; Kent gave a class on aluminum fabrication and welding for Sita and McKenna, and built a 7.2 gal tank to fit inside a small suitcase on the luggage rack.
Kent White
TEAM SPRITE 2005-2007
TEAM ISETTA 2007-2011