Below is a factory publicity photograph and attached press release from BMW and Riddle Airlines dated July 18th 1957. This was a very high quality 8X10 allowing us to enlarge the image enough to render very useful documentation on factory cars before any modifications or alterations. Above is the image with pertinent notes.
26 points often overlooked in Isetta Restoration: Seat Padding is Shredded Coconut * The two-piece rims were bought from different suppliers, inside rims delivered in gray which BMW never painted* Split-rims nuts to outside of wheel * Wiper arms on West Coast cars were straight (DOT) * Gray outside body rubber kits were delivered with black tail light supports and nerf-bar supports * Insulation wes tarred felt with approximately .25 grids * Luggage racks were secured by collard and marked M6 wing nuts * All M8 (8 x 1.25) nuts and bolts had 14mm heads (modern have 13mm heads) * All lock washers were spring type, not split ring or star type * On sliding window cabriolets, the small "Z" bracket that rests in the felt channel stopping the inside glass from moving were put on after the gray "u" rubber trim strip that runs the length of the inside channel, and is held in place by a single black pan head sheet metal screw * Buttons on the sliding window locks were nickel-plated, not chrome * The two clips that engage the window locks were painted silver, not body color * Sunroof frames on cabriolets were upper body color, all non-cabriolet sunroof frames were silver * Under seat heater vent was painted gloss black * Defroster vent was painted silver * Defroster tube was tan * On all two-tone cars the "cleavage" line on the door stops behind the bumper * Dash pods were always lower body color * Door shock top (large end = outside) was painted lower body color, smaller end (inside dash pod) was silver * All aluminum was left in "foundry finish" never polished * Two paper inspection tags were fastened to seat back springs * Aircraft type rivets were used in most places * Original gas caps were Bakelite inset with painted logo on aluminum disks * BMW letters were always "old script" * Sunroof handles on Cabriolets were chromed, all others were painted silver * Original pie or "beauty rings were marked for the left or right side of the car.